The #YEG Mosquitos

Everything you’ve heard about the size and ferocity of the Edmonton mosquitos is true. What you may not have realized is that they are discerning connoisseurs. These vampire-styled, goth insects chase, sample and discuss in wine-tasting terms the nature of the blood types in the audience, speculating on the effects of beer tent visits and mini-donut feasts.

Fortunately for the Edmonton Folk Festival audience, the gorgeous and heroic giant dragonflies from Vancouver-based Mortal Coil cleared the grounds of these pesky creatures.

Hawaiians in Leduc

Hawaiian beachcombers visited Leduc in July. They were a little spooked by the thunder and lightning and took refuge inside during the downpours, popping out when the weather cleared up.


Our cowboys are armed with water pistols on hot days for spraying down overheated kids. They often wield bubble guns that shoot drifts of floating bubbles into the air above the heads of children.

Mr. Boogie Shoes

Stilt walker in disco costume - 4ft high platform boots, shiny gold jumpsuit and giant afro

Mr. Boogie Shoes gives a whole new meaning to “Walking Tall” in his awesome 3-1/2 foot high platform boots! His motto is “Ya gotta GET UP, if ya wanna GET DOWN!” Check out the moves!

SkyLife with FireFly Circus Theatre

National Stiltwalkers and FireFly Circus Theatre presented “SkyLife” in the community Pavillion at Metropolis winter event. This was the story of a misfit being raised by the Elevated Ones (our stiltwalkers) who finds much better company and happiness among the Sky People (aerialists from FireFly Circus Theatre).

Circus Orange Illuminations

Circus Orange came to town and we got to participate in their show, Tricycle! The stilt characters of the Red Queen and the two white Beasts were played by Jayne Waldon, Schuyler Snowdon and Randall Fraser.

Mack Male (@mastermaq on twitter) posted some excellent photographs of Circus Orange’s Illuminations performance in his Flicker stream, including some of the photos on this page. Here’s his slideshow. It begins with shots of the square, roving snow white costumed ghosts and people gathering around bonfires prior to the performance.

The EuroTrash Stars at Kaleido Fest

Maybe you remember their big EuroVision hit? No? That catchy one that goes like this? Pa-la-la-Pa-la-la-Kri-Kri-Kri? That had all the costume changes? And the super hot disco style folk dancing? No?

It doesn’t matter. They were big. They are still big in Dystopia, and they look down upon all the little people always trying to take their pictures.

Some of the famous group’s countless rivals include EuroVision entrants:
Milan Stankovic: Ovo Je Balkan
InCulto: Eastern European Funk
Anastasiya Vinnikova: I Love Belarus
Nina: Caroban
Giorgos Alkaios & Friends: Opa
Ovi: Playing with Fire
Aisha – What For? Only Mr. God Knows Why (indeed.)
Silvia Night: Congratulations
Hadise: Dum Tek Tek
Magdalena Tul: Jestem
Kati Wolf: What About My Dreams?
Kuunkuiskaajat: Työlki Ellää

Our group cannot understand why Lena’s song, Satellite was not disqualified in 2010 for insufficient costume and chord changes. Her win was a Eurovision scandal, to our performers’ bitter & somewhat addled minds. (“Only from hairspray that is all. Is occupational perk and hazard.” – Natasha of EuroTrash.)

It is, in fact, perhaps due to EuroTrash’s notorious behaviour during last year’s awards ceremony that none of their songs can be found on the EuroVision site, or on YouTube. (“Everyone knows EuroVision judges so corrupted. Even Google is in their linty pockets.” – Paolo of EuroTrash.)