The #YEG Mosquitos

Mosquitos full of predatory cheer and cackles.

Everything you’ve heard about the size and ferocity of the Edmonton mosquitos is true. What you may not have realized is that they are discerning connoisseurs. These vampire-styled, goth insects chase, sample and discuss in wine-tasting terms the nature of the blood types in the audience, speculating on the effects of beer tent visits and…

Hawaiians in Leduc

This weather isn't what we expected!

Hawaiian beachcombers visited Leduc in July. They were a little spooked by the thunder and lightning and took refuge inside during the downpours, popping out when the weather cleared up.



Our cowboys are armed with water pistols on hot days for spraying down overheated kids. They often wield bubble guns that shoot drifts of floating bubbles into the air above the heads of children.

Baroque Court Group

The Royal Court characters can perform formal, period dance steps and arrangements in the middle of festival streets and halls.

Mr. Boogie Shoes

Stilt walker in disco costume - 4ft high platform boots, shiny gold jumpsuit and giant afro

Mr. Boogie Shoes gives a whole new meaning to “Walking Tall” in his awesome 3-1/2 foot high platform boots! His motto is “Ya gotta GET UP, if ya wanna GET DOWN!” Check out the moves!

Haiku Kabuki

HD Haiku Kabuki

Haiku Kabauki, a one man stylized theatre of cryptic commentary and samurai warrior instruction, seeks acolytes at festivals.

The EuroTrash Stars at Kaleido Fest

EuroStars 1

Maybe you remember their big EuroVision hit? No? That catchy one that goes like this? Pa-la-la-Pa-la-la-Kri-Kri-Kri? That had all the costume changes? And the super hot disco style folk dancing? No? It doesn’t matter. They were big. They are still big in Dystopia, and they look down upon all the little people always trying to…


Luka, Master of Ceremonies

Luka, a character with a Transyl-Moroccan-Basque-MonteCarlo accent and the attitude to match, is a wonderful host and Master of Ceremonies. Cirq-o-Rama-Licious (a 2009 co-production with Vibe Tribe) was a circus soap opera at New City Liquid Lounge. During the weeks of convoluted narrative, Luka discovered he had a twin, “Pika” – a surprisingly diminutive belly…